Professional project management, detailed risk assessments and method statements.


Our Technicians are professionally trained and competent.

​Our professional technicians are all trained to IRATA standards. This makes Escalade Rope Access's personnel safe and efficient to carry out your objectives.


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The benefits of rope access are that the impact on your project is minimal we do not need lorry’s full of equipment and so our set up and dismantle times are fast.  Our impact to the General Public is small as we do not need whole streets cordoned off to drive machinery along it. We can take away all our equipment at the end of each day minimising the impact of our work all round.

Escalade services

 Escalade Rope  Access's team will complete  your project while having a  minimal impact upon your  business.




industrial Rope Access

 Escalade Rope Access uses its  vast amount of experience and  training to solve your particular  access problem.

 Once an agreed work plan has  been established Escalade  Rope Access's onsite  supervisor will control the  implementation process from  start to finish.


We have a high set of safety standards and procedures.  All our rope access technicians and supervisors are part of the IRATA & CSR certification scheme 

  • Building repair
  • Window Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Cliff stabilisation and De-scale
  • Inspection
  • Installations and Dismantling
  • ​Wind Turbine Maintenance

We are one of the main companies specialising in rope access, providing high level and difficult access solutions on various projects. Based in Belfast, Escalade service clients throughout Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the whole of the UK.

Industrial rope access or industrial abseiling as it can be known as, is a method of entering an awkward or high level space either by climbing up pre rigged ropes or descending from above. We often find that scaffolding, cradles, MEWP’s, scissor lifts or cherry pickers cannot access the places we get to.  We find it to be the most cost effective and non-intrusive ways of working at height. We provide services such as commercial window cleaning and building maintenance and repair at height