rope access Electrical cable installation

rope access Geo technical drilling

Cliff inspection, de-scale and cliff stabilisation. We can provide a full range of services for Geotechnical projects.

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Wind Turbine Inspection Ireland

We provide NDT and CVI inspection, maintenance and repair work for wind turbine. Turbine efficiency can be improved by over 10% from having repaired and clean blades a must for any wind farm operator. 

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Rope Access Window Cleaning 

Working at height Rescue Standby

We offer Advanced Working at height rescue cover. We can provide supervision and rescue services for all types of access including confined spaces and working at height. Contact us today to discuss your project.

We cover all types of building maintenance & repair work using rope access in Ireland. We have a vast amount of experience of large and small commercial contracts.

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Rope access industrial cleaning & painting

Gaining access to difficult positions where scaffolding and MEWP are not practical. We cover all types of industrial work at height.

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We provide Rope Access services to Belfast, Northern Ireland as well as the wider United Kingdom.

We also provide services to Dublin, Galway and Cork in the Republic of Ireland. 

Rope access Structural inspection

We provide you with a close up and detailed account of your structure. We are proficient in many NDT inspection methods and can tailor to suit your needs.

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Water Front Hall Extension - 
November 2015 – December 2015
Install of over 50km of Cable all whilst working at height utilising rope access techniques.

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​ECI, MPI, UT  Give us a call for all your Non Destructive Testing needs.